Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well, have been busy making a planner for nov-dec and 2007. Its a pink ring binder file. and here's what it contains:

  1. a transparent collage sleeve to store cutouts and collage elements
  2. an envelope to keep saved money
  3. a butter paper sleeve with address labels and post-its
  4. my goals
  5. my wishlist
  6. a list of things to give people
  7. a box calender format datebook
  8. a doodle book
  9. my TYBA literature class time-table and assigment sheet
  10. daily pages for notes and daily randoms
  11. a gratitude section: 5 things i'm grateful for everyday
  12. a PEOPLE section with phone numbers categorised alphabetically and by city/country
  13. an exclusive contacts page for people i write to by post :)
  14. a meditation log
  15. extra sheets
  16. lots of colour and collage and fun :)


camilla said...

i'm inspired to make my own planner too!
so here's what i've gathered from your post so far..please offer more ideas and advice when you have the time:)

* take a ring file
* buy paper i love in that size, with punched pages.
* some thick pages that i can collage
* a monthly calender
* a section to doodle (does yours have boxes?)
* a section with phone numbers etc.
* my wishlist

...ok...i think i'll copy that much for now....soon you'll seen half the blogging world has planners with exactly them same dividers and sections as you! lol.

p.s. would love to see some photos!! maybe you could postthem on watermark for inspiration hungry blog surfers like me!?


loretta said...

oh yes, i know what you mean by half the bloggiong world will have the same planner!
i'm going to make myself one too- now.
will write courtesy:
on the back of the binder. :)
mahima, you are going to be famous! lol

Karen Beth said...

Oh wow! Your planner sounds amazing. How is it working out for you? I want a planner like that? I might follow suit and make one up with some of the components you mentioned. You are an inspiration. :)

MAHIMA said...

glad to see you found this post and are inspired to create! :):)
ah, the planner is working (still) fabulously for me. the idea is to make space in it for everything i want to do/have a passion for so it all stays in one always reorgnisable binder. :)
i like to add lots of colour and storage space to them.

Karen Beth said...

I FINALLY got mine done and I love it! Thanks again for the fab idea. :)