Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Here's my huge lists of things to draw, ideas on what to draw, drawing exercises... basically to get my pen moving. some of these are drawn. and you can see them on WATERMARK. click on the title of this post to go there.

  • draw my face
  • draw my eyes
  • draw my daily tarot card (DRAWN)
  • draw the jewelery i'm wearing
  • the the comp monitor open to my blog
  • draw lips
  • draw my morning coffee
  • draw my favourite pink pullover
  • draw my paint pallette (DRAWN)
  • draw my shampoo bottle (DRAWN)
  • draw my night body lotion (DRAWN)
  • draw interesting/memorable readings
  • draw the pen i'm using (DRAWN)
  • draw chairs with negative spaces
  • draw number plates of the vehicle in front of you
  • draw shop sign posts
  • draw food labels
  • draw clothes labels
  • draw my ipod and the song playing in it right now
  • draw perfume bottles (DRAWN)
  • draw pen nibs (DRAWN)
  • draw my to-do list (DRAWN)
  • draw book covers of the books you're reading
  • draw cosmetic packaging
  • draw styles of all the shirts i own
  • draw my clothes rack
  • draw my toothbrush
  • draw silhouettes of everything
  • draw coins
  • draw different measuring tools (thermometres, measuring cups, rulers..)
  • draw noses!
  • draw the skyline of my city
  • draw hairstyles
  • draw barcodes of the books you own

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well, you're inspiring!
i visit your blog everyday to fulfill my promise-to-self to draw daily. i come here, pick one thing and draw away!