Monday, March 19, 2007


  1. REVOLUTION FROM WITHIN by Gloria Steinem: I have worked and re-worked with this book since I bought it some years back and it continues to make me think, create, learn, un-learn. I'd say its a must read for anyone over 15! I have a recent post which came to me while reading and working with part of the post. you can read it here. In this, you'll find inspiration, hope, quotations, poems, ideas, solutions...
  2. BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott: packed full of practical ideas, tricks and examples, this is a great book for writers.
  3. WRITING DOWN THE BONES by Natalie Goldberg: an oldie-goldie, thgis book is full of ideas for writing, places to write in, things to write about, ways to jumpstart your writing, writing exercises...its great for writers, even those who only want to write for self-expression or fun.
  4. SACRED SPACE by Denise Linn: has many, many practical solutions for your home. Its full of ideas and little things you can do to enhance the quality of your home environment.
  5. SIGNPOSTS by Denise Linn: although I never got around to reading the dictionary of signs at the back of the book, I found the rest of it very useful in discovering and understanding signs in my life.
  6. THE INTUITIVE WAY by Penney Peirce: this is a manual! I found it in some random bookstore some years back and have used no other book as much as this! It's so simple and practical and has the simples ways to strengthen and access your intuition, understand signals your body gives, etc.
  7. COLLECTED POEMS of Roger McGough: this collection has humour, sadness, philosophy, wordplay...whatever you're looking for in a poem! They're simple, and, quitre simply addictive!
  8. WHAT DO I DO WHEN I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING? by Barbara Sher is a book for Scanners (like me). Its packed full of tools, ideas, solutions, career options... everything a Scanner needs to know. Oh, and the bulletin board for scanners is here.

to be continued...


clara said...

you're brilliant!! i love the booklist: i went out and bought revolution from within and looked up roger mc gough and am in love with them- and you for your brilliant suggestions and constant resopurce-sharing.
thank you!!

Karen Beth said...

I love book lists and recommendations. I'm particularly curious about the first book on your list and might have to check that one out. Did you see the book list on my blog? I have such a LONG list of recommendations from friends. It is hard to get around to them all. So many wonderful books... so little time. :)

MAHIMA said...

yes, the book is worth checking out. :)
haven't seen your booklist yet. going now to find it. :)