Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Criteria for making Decisions

This is my list. The criteria that any activity I say "yes" to will meet. Its inspired by this post in 37days; and its a criteria for saying "yes". To say "yes" to an activity, or commitment, it must fulfill atleast 4, ideally 6 of these criteria.

  • Feel: how does this feel. Good? Right? dark? If it doesn't have a good feel to it, don't do it.
  • Kindness: will it help another person?
  • Connections: will it contribute to my current bonds or help me form new ones with people who are enriching?
  • Health: is it positive in the impact it will have on my health and that of those around me?
  • Experience: will I learn something new? Will it allow me to teach someone else something else that will be of help to them?
  • Joy: will it add to the sweetness and joy in my life?
  • Money/job: will it contribute to a meaningful career? Will this help me create financial abundance?
  • Inner Enrichment: does this deeply fulfill me in some way? Does it fuel my passions, or contribute to my dreama or help me understand/express myself better?
  • Legacy: does this record in some way my unique experience, perception, self?

And lastly,

  • Relativity: if I do commit to this for any other reason, will it still leave me enough time to do the things I really want to do?

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bella said...

I LOVE lists.
And I love yours.