Friday, March 30, 2007


OK! this is a SCANNER'S list of all the things I want to do in this life. More things to come every new month (atleast!). This is just the store-house: so I don't forget them, and so anyone who knows anything about anything to do with any of these can comment. Or just say they're doing the same things. or would like to. or ..anything.Some of these are questions. I will google them or ask about them and find the answer as time and memory permits. Meanwhile, if you know the answer, do my curious mind a favour and tell me! :)If you know links or have more ideas or you know a little about french or dolls or anything else in this list, I'd love to hear from you!Now I'm in a hurry to get on with the list:)

  1. Sing on stage
  2. Piano
  3. Art Dolls: cloth dolls, paper dolls, sock dolls
  4. Learn French well enough to write poetry in.
  5. Learn "interesting" German (see post on this here).
  6. Work actively for the conservation of the environment and wildlife. [you can start here]
  7. Have a Creative Quotient test (is there really such a thing!?)
  8. Experiment with visualisation, intention and manifestation.
  9. Learn Chinese/Japanese calligraphy enough to make large sweeping brushstrokes.
  10. Learn massage.
  11. Learn Quantum Touch better and train to teach it.
  12. Train for a run for a cause I support, and, obviously, run it.
  13. Practise and teach people to re-parent themselves.
  14. Teach self-expression: collage, journalling, writing.
  15. Make a living with art, writing and travel.
  16. Develop intuition- in every way that seems relevant to me.
  17. cook!
  18. Teach children to paint: freely, messily, with no borders or limits.
  19. Make my own eye masks
  20. Publish a workbook-style journal that teaches you to journal, gives you space to do it right there and has samples and samples of other people's (and my)art journals.
  21. Understand this: "atoms are not things but tendencies".
  22. Have an emotional quotient test.
  23. Create a magazine for Scanners.
  24. Research on current art/writing movements and participate where it feels relevant: like mailart, sketchcrawls...
  25. Learn a martial art.
  26. Learn sign language, and lip reading.
  27. Send an origami crane to japan on peace day in memory of the victims of the hiroshima bombings(every year people from all over the world sen din thousands here!)
  28. Calligraphy
  29. Photoshop
  30. Make my own blog skins
  31. Mind maps- i think i gave up making them too soon.
  32. Mixology! (which i can learn from 'A':))
  33. Learn to make art dolls: cloth and sock dolls.
  34. Art Shrines: more of them, both flat and 3-D. So far, i've only been making them in collage form and flat.
  35. A separate link blog only for resources and links: categorised, of course.
  36. Learn Soul Collage and train to be a facilitator.
  37. Bungee Jump
  38. Drive
  39. Flute
  40. Learn Touch Drawing and train to teach it.
  41. Hydrotherapy
  42. A Happiness Blog [this is done :):)]
  43. Make my own Blog header
  44. Be a columnist
  45. A travel writer
  46. A freelance feature writer
  47. A biographer
  48. Surfing
  49. Mountain Biking
  50. Earn enough to finance my own trips. One to a new country every 6 months or every year.
  51. A martial art
  52. Belly dancing
  53. Kick boxing
  54. Practice Contact Yoga with my partner.
  55. Be ambidextrous
  56. Mirror writing
  57. Travel the world taking workshops, learning: African Dance, Swedish Massage, Japanese Martial Arts...
  58. Start my Cafe Journal

For more inspiration, visit these people and their life lists!




P.S. if you have a list of things you want to achieve, and would like to be added here, just leave a comment with the link. :)


marie said...

thank u for this lost. it has given me many ideas of my own!
i visited the touch drawing website and am awed by what i saw. i would love to learn it too. i am looking up workshops etc. and i sdaw your other post about a gap year in britain so when i find info on this, i will keep you posted!

Claire said...

I love lists - I made one for myself a couple of weeks back, always good to write stuff down.


Anonymous said...

This is fun. I love the idea of making lists. To be honest, when I write a list, I write on my list 'make a list', so that I can cross it off. :)

I think I am going to write things I want/intend to do list on my blog soon.

Thanks for dropping by. Glad I found yours. Here's to neighbors dropping by in blogville.


Karen Beth said...

What a great list, and very ambitious. I don't have any tips on any of these items but if I come across them, I will definitely send them your way! I can't wait to read what all you add along the way!